Posted by: Phil Anderson | December 31, 2012

The Dawn of a New Day

The old year is almost over, and a new one is poised to begin. It’s a time when we look back at what we’ve been through and what we’ve accomplished, and we look forward with anticipation and trepidation at what lies ahead. To explore this transitory time, here is a little piece of fiction. Not a story really, but a character study.


by Philip Anderson

An ornate carriage pulled by four white horses entered through the palace gate, followed by two dozen armed men on horseback. “The men of Amplanura do love their horses, don’t they?” King Arbical muttered to his page. The carriage stopped in front of them and the door opened. A handsome young man stepped out, blinking in the sunlight. He was well-dressed, with a short black mustache, a pointed beard, and a serious expression on his face. He turned and held out his hand for the beautiful young woman who stepped down behind him. She was also elegantly dressed, with long dark hair flowing in waves over her shoulders, large brown eyes with long lashes, and red lips that smiled at Arbical when she saw him.

“Prince Puesto, how good to see you again,” King Arbical said, stepping forward to greet his guests. “And your sister Rennamossa is more beautiful than I remember.” He took her hand and kissed it, and the two looked deep into each other’s eyes for longer than seemed polite.

The prince cleared his throat to remind them he was there. “I bring news from our father the king,” he said, “and we have much to discuss.”

“After all the war, death, and strife that has transpired between us this past year I hope it is good news,” Arbical said.

“We shall see,” Puesto replied doubtfully. “Victory has led to positive change; our kingdoms are at peace. This past year has been a very good one, but I fear it will not continue.”

Arbical regarded the prince apprehensively. “The death of my father, though he was no friend to you and your people, was a grievous blow to me. Now that I have ascended to his throne, I hope we can put the past behind us and move forward in friendship and peace.” He glanced at Rennamossa. “And we should reinforce that peace by fortifying it with deeper relationships.”

Puesto sniffed dismissively. “I believe peace can be maintained at a much lower cost than that,” he said, “but our father has given in to my sister’s wishes and he will allow her to marry you, against my counsel.” At this the prince frowned. “I believe we give up much more than we gain.”

“You may see a dismal future then,” Arbical said, his expression brightening as he took Rennamossa’s hand, “but for me the days ahead will be auspicious indeed.”



  1. I loved reading this. I’d like to know more about these characters!

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