Posted by: Phil Anderson | April 21, 2013

Cottontail and Hare Detective Agency

I was planning to post the next installment of “The Ring” series, but I decided it needs a little more work. Instead, here’s another old story for very young kids to enjoy. Please share it!


The Case of the Stolen Pies

by Philip Anderson

Detective Pinky Cottontail leaned back in his chair and put his feet up on the desk. His partner, Specs Hare, adjusted his glasses and turned the page of the Forestland Gazette. Suddenly, the phone rang. Specs answered it.

“Hello, Cottontail and Hare Detective Agency. How can I help you? … Yes, ma’am … uh-huh … What’s your address? … Don’t worry, ma’am. We’ll be right over.”

“What’s up?” asked Pinky as he and Specs headed for the door.

“There’s been a robbery at Mrs. Rabbit’s hole. She sounded worried, so we’d better not waste any time.”

Pinky and Specs hopped through the forest and before long they arrived at Mrs. Rabbit’s front door. She invited them in and offered them seats at the kitchen table. Then she began to tell her story.

“This morning I baked three delicious vegetable pies. One was for my family to eat for dessert tonight. The others were for my sister Bunny, and for old Mrs. Longears, who lives near the hollow tree. When the pies had finished baking, I set them on the windowsill to cool and went in the other room for a few minutes. When I returned to the kitchen, I saw that one of the pies had been stolen!”

Pinky looked up from the pad he was taking notes on and asked, “Were there any witnesses to the theft?”

Mrs. Rabbit thought for a moment and then replied, “Mrs. Mouse lives in that hole in the corner. Maybe she saw something.”

They called Mrs. Mouse out of her hole and told her about the crime. “I did see something,” she said. “I was sitting here on the floor and heard a noise at the window. I looked up and saw someone take a pie.”

“Did you see who it was?” asked Specs eagerly.

“No, I couldn’t see the thief at all from here except for his long rabbit ears.”

“Oh, no!” shouted Mrs. Rabbit. She was pointing to the window where everyone could see that another pie was missing. Pinky and Specs ran outside, but the thief was already gone. Pinky spotted a bluebird sitting in a nearby tree and went over to talk to him.

“Excuse me, Mr. Bluebird, but did you see a bunny hop by here and take a pie from Mrs. Rabbit’s windowsill?”

“As a matter of fact I did,” replied Mr. Bluebird.

“Can you tell me who it was?” asked Pinky.

“I’m sorry,” the bluebird replied. “I’m not from around here, so I don’t know his name. I just stopped here to rest on my way south for the winter.”

Mr. Bluebird gave a description of the thief while Pinky wrote it down in his notepad. Then Pinky and Specs returned to Mrs. Rabbit’s kitchen and sat down at the table to compare notes.

They were working hard when the door opened and a young rabbit came in. “Mom, I’m home!” he shouted.

“Pete, where have you been?” asked Mrs. Rabbit sternly. “I asked you to hurry home from school today so you could deliver some pies for me. It’s too bad that the pies were stolen before you could do it.”

Pete laughed, “The pies weren’t stolen, Mom. I already delivered them for you. One for Aunt Bunny and one for Mrs. Longears. I took them right off the windowsill.”

Pinky and Specs looked down at their notebooks and then looked up at each other in surprise. Pete matched the description Mr. Bluebird had given them of the thief and he was short enough that Mrs. Mouse would have seen only his ears through the window.

Pink and Specs got up, and as they headed for the door, Pinky said, “Well, Mrs. Rabbit, it looks like Cottontail and Hare Detective Agency has solved another case.”

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