Posted by: Phil Anderson | April 29, 2013

My Next Big Project

This week I received my first royalty payment from Amazon. It’s not a very big one (Pirate Journey is currently hovering around a ranking of six million on the Amazon best-sellers list and around one million on the Kindle best-sellers list), but it’s a milestone. People have asked me if I’m working on a sequel to Pirate Journey. I’m not, and to be honest I haven’t even seriously considered it. I don’t want to spoil the story, but because it’s about pirates, very few characters survive to the end of the book. It would be hard to write a sequel since a majority of the characters are dead.

So what am I working on? This blog for one. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep a regular schedule, to come up with interesting things to post, and to put them in a readable order by the end of every weekend. But I enjoy it, and it’s a good challenge for me to produce writing for a deadline, arbitrary though it might be.

The other big writing project I’m working on is my next novel. I finished chapter twenty-three this week and I’m planning on twenty-four chapters, so I think it’s almost done. The working title is Conquest of Theran, Book One: Overthrow. That’s right, this one will have sequels.

I actually finished the first draft of this story over a year ago. Then I started to think about what happens next, and I realized that if the series were to continue I needed to rethink some elements of the plot, including the main antagonist’s motivation and strategy. So I worked out a basic outline for the next three books, which are provisionally subtitled Onslaught, Outcast, and either Obligation or Opportunity. Then I started on the second draft of the first book, which involved rewriting large portions of Overthrow. In fact, I now have six chapters of deleted scenes that I’m saving to release as bonus features in a future collection (not really).

What is Conquest of Theran about? you may ask. Well Theran is a fantasy kingdom in the mold of Narnia or Prydain, not quite as epic as Middle Earth and not as magical as most fantasy worlds. There are no elves, fairies, dwarfs, ogres, or wizards. In fact, there is only one enchanted artifact in the world: the fabled Gem of Ursiel.

The part I am most enjoying about this book is the trio of protagonists, but I think I’ll wait and tell you more about them at another time. Until then, keep reading, share this blog with people who you think might enjoy it, and spread the word about Pirate Journey. I’d really like to see another royalty payment.


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