Posted by: Phil Anderson | August 26, 2013

What to Read

Last week I finally got to the end of the second draft the the novel I’ve been working on. It’s far from finished and I know there will probably be several more drafts, but it’s a good milestone. I compiled all twenty-four chapters into a single file and gave it to my editor for a review. She’ll let me know how it’s going and whether I’m even on the right track.

In the meantime, I don’t have an active writing project to work on since I don’t want to start on the third draft until I get some feedback on the second. So it’s a good opportunity to take a break, kind of like a writing vacation, and do some reading instead. I have a few books I’ve already started, but I think that I need to do more research into the genre I’m working in. Novels by my favorite writers are all decades old, and my potential audience is very different from theirs. I need to look at some contemporary work and see what I can learn from a modern writer’s style and point-of-view. But what to read?

I signed up for a free account at Goodreads so I could rate books I’ve read and get recommendations based on those ratings. (I also took some time to set up an author account and add my own first book to their catalog, so if you’ve read Pirate Journey, please head over there to rate it and leave a review.)  I’ve found some good possibilities, and now I just need to make a trip to the library. If any of you have a suggestion for me, please leave a comment below. And remember that I like books with a good map in the front.


  1. Phil – have you read any Raymond Feist? The Magician series is a classic and a terrific map (same map for gosh 30 odd books … 🙂 ). I am currently reading Leviathan Wakes ( – plus side – good Space Opera, down side – no map but its the solar system. 😉

    • Thanks, I’ll have to check those out.

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