Posted by: Phil Anderson | September 23, 2013

Public Speaking

In the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to talk to a couple of people about my writing, and I’m excited about the opportunities that are coming up.

The first was my son’s sixth grade teacher. I visited the school and donated a copy of Pirate Journey for the class library. She showed the book to her students (they were duly impressed), and she suggested that later in the year, after they’ve had a chance to read and enjoy it, I could come back and talk to the class. I’ve been thinking of a lot of material we might cover: I could answer questions about the story and the characters, or about my research and how long it takes to write a novel, or about creativity and writing in general, to encourage them in their own creative writing assignments.

I also talked to my eighth-grade daughter’s drama teacher, who heard about my play, Nothing But the Truth. She has students interested in writing skits and plays and asked if I’d be available to talk to her class about being a playwright. I have a lot we could talk about here, too, most of which I covered in a previous blog post.

Many writers get a lot of publicity by making public appearances. Since I write primarily for a younger audience, schools are a great place for me to go. If any readers know a teacher (preferably local) who might like to have a writer visit their class please leave a message below or contact me at .


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