Posted by: Phil Anderson | November 3, 2013

100 Years is a Long Time

My Grandma died this morning. I last saw her less than two months ago at her 100th birthday party. There are a lot of thoughts and emotions that go along with death. I might eventually blog about it, about legacy and things passed down from generation to generation, but not yet.


One thought that has kept coming back to me today is how much change Grandma saw in her 100 years of life. She lived through two world wars and numerous international conflicts. Seventeen different men were President of the United States while she lived. Thomas Edison was still alive when Grandma was a teenager and since then technology has progressed at an incomprehensible rate. When Grandma was young, movies were silent and colorless; now they have full color and stereo sound, many are in 3-D, and we can watch them at sizes ranging from an IMAX screen to a handheld mobile device.

Despite the astounding progress (or at least change) that has taken place in the past century, when I think about Grandma’s life I get nostalgic about an era I never knew. I imagine what it was like when radio programs were the primary form of home entertainment and people took an active part in entertaining themselves. Times were simpler then, by necessity because they were hampered by technology. I’ll never live that and I wouldn’t want to, but I can still experience it. Through the stories I’ve heard over the years and the books I’ve read from that era, I can understand (or imagine) Grandma’s world, idealized though it may be, and even take part in it myself through my writing.


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