Posted by: Phil Anderson | November 23, 2013

Anniversary Discount

My WordPress statistics page tells me that this is post #52. That means that my weekly blog has completed its first year. This is quite an accomplishment, since basic internet research says that 60% to 80% of new blogs are abandoned within the first month, and 95% of all blogs are derelict, without an update in two months or more.

In celebration of this one-year milestone, I’m offering the Kindle edition of my middle-grade novel, Pirate Journey, at a 50% discount this week only. The print edition is also available on Amazon (without the discount, sorry) so if you’re doing some Christmas shopping this week and have a Jr. High reader on your list, here’s an idea for you.

I’m looking ahead and anticipating the next year for my blog. The practice I get and the challenge of writing for a deadline are good for me. I have a few topics in mind for future posts, but I’m still trying to determine what you, my audience, want to read. I don’t get much feedback and comments are rare, so I write what I’m thinking about and hope that someone finds it interesting.

You can help! Please post comments below. Tell me what you like, what you don’t like, and what you don’t care about. Share the link with others who might be interested. Feel free to repost, as long as it’s attributed and linked back here. And you can send me e-mail at

We celebrate Thanksgiving this week, and (among innumerable blessings) I’m thankful for those who read and are interested in what I have to say, for people who support and encourage me, and for the ability and opportunity to do something I enjoy. I pray that all of you will continue to enjoy God’s blessings.

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