Posted by: Phil Anderson | December 2, 2013

What It’s Like to Be a Creation

Two weeks ago I posted about the discrepancy between what I want to do with my free time and what I actually do. I listed some of the responsibilities that take up my time, and some of the things I’d like to do if I had more time. My mom commented, “Maybe God wanted some of your ‘free time’. I didn’t hear Him mentioned in the list of possible things to do.” This got me thinking about my relationship with my creator and how I represent it to others.

I have a tendency to compartmentalize my life: this box is work, this box is family time, this box is fun, and so on. I heard a speaker once warn about the danger of relegating God to a separate box. No matter how big or prominent his box is, it’s not enough. God shouldn’t be an important part of your life, he should be your whole life. He should be in your work, in your family time, in your fun, and in everything else you do. I’m not perfect at balancing all this, but I try to consider God in every aspect of my life. Therefore, although I didn’t specifically mention God in my plans for my free time, he was not intentionally left out.

Since this blog is not specifically about my religion or spiritual life, but about my writing and the things that influence it (often including my religion), I thought about my characters and how they relate to me as their “god” (see What It’s Like to Be God and What It’s Not Like). I don’t want to be worshiped by my characters, and they don’t have free will nor are they even aware of me. But everything they do is working to accomplish my goal and vision. I have a story to tell, and each character’s every thought, desire, and action has to move that story forward or it gets edited.

This leads me to reflect on my own life again. Is it enough that I involve God in my life? Perhaps I should be more focused on ensuring that my life is lived according to God’s goal and vision, and everything I do is moving his story forward.


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