Posted by: Phil Anderson | December 29, 2013

Obligatory Year in Review 2013

It seems that a lot of blogs this week are doing a 2013 year-in-review post. Since I’m not coming up with any other ideas today, I might as well join in.

On a personal level, this year was fairly average. One of the major events that stands out is our oldest daughter’s graduation from high school and start of classes at the local community college. We also took our first major family vacation, flying to Orlando and spending a week at Walt Disney World.

My biggest writing achievement in 2013 is maintaining consistent weekly blog posts. I got to speak at two schools about writing, and I finished the second draft of my next novelConquest of Theran. (I’m still waiting to get review notes and comments on that from my editor.) And I sold a few copies of Pirate Journey, my first novel.

Looking ahead, next year is already shaping up to be much more eventful, starting right away. At work, our company is moving into a new building this week, so I’ll have a new office and a new work environment that I’m looking forward to. Our church just called a new associate pastor who starts at the end of January; since my wife and I are heavily involved with the teens at church, that will have a big impact on us and our family. And our second daughter is on track to finish high school this year, and she’s planning to go out of state to college which will be another major change.

My writing goals are a little more ambitious, too. I plan to continue producing provocative, entertaining, and meaningful blog post like this one every week. I’d like to schedule a regular time for working on writing projects other than blogging. I have a short story I should be able to finish soon, and ideas for several more. And I’d like to do at least one more draft of my novel, hopefully finishing it this year and having it ready to submit to agents and publishers.

How about you? How did 2013 turn out? What are you looking forward to in 2014? Whatever the case, I hope that this has been a great year and that the next will be even better.


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