Posted by: Phil Anderson | May 25, 2014

In Recognition of Sacrifice

War can be the setting of some of the best and most interesting stories, whether true or fictional. The machinations of a powerful enemy, perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds, tragic loss and glorious victory; these are elements of The Lord of the Rings, histories of the War Between the States, the Star Wars saga, and memoirs from World War II.

The most compelling part of these stories are the heroes and their motivation. What makes a person leave their home in service to a greater cause? What makes them willing to face hardship and risk death?

Some heroes just want to do the right thing, bringing aid to the oppressed or righting the wrongs of injustice. Some are trying to redeem themselves from the troubles of their past. Some may be seeking glory and acclaim for themselves or their family name, or searching for some meaning for their existence.

Whatever his cause, a hero is willing to sacrifice much–if not all–to accomplish it. He leaves home, family, and friends, endures hardship and loss, and often risks his own life. He has a conviction that there is a purpose greater than himself and is committed to seeing it through no matter the cost. Paradoxically, a hero is humble, putting the welfare of others, the greater good, over the value of his own life.

As I write, the development of my heroes is inspired and influenced by Frodo and Aragorn, Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, and many others. But I’m reminded again this Memorial Day weekend that there are real heroes whose lives should be even more inspiring, whose commitment and sacrifices should influence more than just my writing, but my way of life.

Thank you to those who have served and sacrificed for the cause of freedom in service to our country.



  1. Really liked this article. Mom

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