Posted by: Phil Anderson | July 21, 2014

When Real Life Gets in the Way

Maybe you noticed or maybe not, but last week I didn’t have a new post for my blog. It’s the first week I’ve missed since I started blogging a year and a half ago, and I apologize to any loyal readers who were disappointed. However, real life got in the way and there was nothing to do about it.

How do writers prioritize their time? It depends on the writer, of course.

A professional writer has contracts and deadlines that must be met to ensure a steady flow of income and future contracts. He has to write if he wants to make a living at it, and that means that at times he sacrifices non-essential activities: free time, social events, maybe even sleep.

I’m not at that level yet, I just write for fun. (At least, that’s what I tell myself so I don’t get discouraged about my lack of a publisher or an agent.) There’s a certain amount of freedom when writing is a hobby and not a career. I have time for other priorities like going on a mission trip last week with the teens at church, or taking a few days next month to drive my daughter to college. Some of my writing time is sacrificed so I can pursue these other activities, but that’s what I choose.

Maybe someday, when all my kids have moved out or I’m retired, I’ll have time to accomplish everything I want. But probably not.

No one has time to do all the things they wish they could. What pursuits do you delay or postpone for lack of time or energy, and what’s important enough that you sacrifice other activities to do it? Leave comments below and let me know.



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