Posted by: Phil Anderson | July 27, 2014

Writer’s Block? Walk It Off!

One of the hardest things for me about a weekly blog is knowing what to write. I had a few ideas today, but none of them “spoke to me.” I’ll take note and maybe get to them in a week or two. In the meantime, I need something to post.

I’ve seen conflicting advice on ways to deal with writer’s block. One suggestion says to take a break: go for a walk, read something, switch to a different project, take a nap. When you come back, you’ll be refreshed and ready to write. I like this suggestion, and it’s what I usually do when I’m struggling with my manuscript. But what if there’s a looming deadline?

Another suggestion says to just write anyway. Start typing whatever comes to mind. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense or isn’t your best work. You can go back and fix it later. Once you’ve primed the creative pump, the ideas will start to flow.

As I think about these two different approaches to writer’s block I see an analogy to physical exercise. Imagine you’re playing basketball with some friends. Younger friends, in better shape than you. You go for the fast break, sidestep your blocker, and twist your knee. Or maybe it’s an easy layup that earns you a sharp elbow to the ribs and makes it hard to breathe. What then? Do you head for the sidelines, grab an icepack, and sit out the rest of the game? Or keep on playing, ignoring the pain and hoping it goes away?

What do you do? How do you react to an obstacle that stops you in your tracks? Take a break and come back later, or push through? Leave a comment below and let us know.

As for me, that’s why I don’t play basketball.


  1. Maybe a good way to regroup is to bring it to the Lord to see if what you are writing is pleasing to Him since you are His child. Maybe He wants you to represent Him and His Word to others. We don’t know how long we have to serve Him but He asks us to be faithful in sharing Him with others to win them to Christ for eternity. Just my thought for today.

    I love you all very much and pray for you each morning! Love, Mom

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