Posted by: Phil Anderson | September 21, 2014

Songs of Theran

A few months ago I posted some poems my daughter wrote based on an early draft of Conquest of Theran inspired by the setting. They’re about the Kingdom of Theran, the fantasy world where it exists.

This week I’m featuring a few more poems, these based on some of the characters. You can see their personality, their aspirations, and the love triangle none of them will admit to or are even fully aware of.

Arned’s Daydream
Arned the Hero!
Arned the Great!
Arned the Conqueror!

The rebels tried
To overthrow the king
But mighty Arned
drove them away.

Arned the Hero!
Arned the Great!
Arned the Conqueror!

Arned saved our kingdom
To him we owe
Our praise forevermore.

Arned the Hero!
Arned the Great!
Arned the Conqueror!

Sirah’s Daydream
A lady waits
in a dark dungeon
in a lonely forest

A lady waits
for a daring knight
for a dashing hero

A lady waits
until he comes to save her
until he comes to rescue

A lady waits
for her happy ending
for her life’s beginning

Phred’s Daydream
Her honeyed hair is the sunset,
Her ebony eyes like midnight,
Her blushing cheeks are roses,
Her luminous smile, the sun.

I sit alone and think of her.
I want to be her love.
My life with her burns with enchantment,
Without her, it is forlorn.

I hope you enjoyed. Please leave comments to let me know what you think.


  1. The poems are beautiful ! Courage reflected in first in a way the whole battle is played before eyes,I can well imagine Sirah waiting sitting on a boulder in the forest and the joy in her eyes upon seeing her love,and the musings of Phred,I don’t know how old your daughter is but she writes in a beautiful and dreamy way.. šŸ™‚

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