Posted by: Phil Anderson | December 14, 2014

Force Fans Awaken

The day after Thanksgiving, Lucasfilm debuted a teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s only 88-seconds long, most of which is either black screen with ominous music and narration or the long hold on the title at the end. All told, there’s probably less than thirty seconds of actual footage of X-wings, a droid, stormtroopers, and the Millennium Falcon. And people are watching it.


In the past two weeks the Official Star Wars YouTube clip has been watched over twelve million times. It has been dissected and analyzed on Facebook and Twitter, blogs and podcasts, and everywhere else that fans meet. And I’m a little jealous.

I enjoy Star Wars. I’ve seen all six movies more than once. I know the storyline and the main characters. But I’m not a rabid fan. I haven’t read the books or comics and I’ve only seen a few episodes of the cartoon series.

But there are people who are committed Star Wars fans. They build custom lightsabers and construct screen accurate costumes. They paint and draw and write fan fiction. And thousands of people will flock to Anaheim, California next spring for a Celebration of all things Star Wars.

By comparison, my audience is miniscule. Relatively few people read my blog, have bought my book, or seen my play. Someday I hope that my work can attract even a fraction of the attention and devotion that Star Wars commands.

What is it that makes this franchise so successful, that captures the imaginations (and wallets) of fans all over the world? Is it the epic story, the immersive world, the memorable characters, or something more elusive? Are you a Star Wars fan? What do you like most about it? Post comments below.



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