Posted by: Phil Anderson | January 18, 2015

Working with Distraction

I read writer blogs and the accompanying comments, and I’m always interested to note what others do that’s different from my own writing method. I seem to frequently see writers who take their laptops down to the coffee shop to work, and that just doesn’t work for me. I write best in peace and quiet.

Music can also be distracting for me. Classical music or movie soundtracks are best, but they have to have just the right mood or tone to match the scene I’m working on. And I don’t want to use up all my writing time creating mood-appropriate playlists.

It’s not that I can’t work at all with activities going on around me. I can read and brainstorm and research and edit. But to compose original thoughts in an organized manner requires my focus and concentration. It’s hard work to describe a clear and concise word picture. Conversations have to be considered from multiple points of view with an ear toward the ultimate goal and purpose.

Because of this limitation, my teenagers make it hard to concentrate in the afternoon or evening. Even as I try to write this blog, by daughter is singing Broadway show tunes and my son is chattering incessantly. The best times for me to write are at night when the family is asleep, or the occasional Saturday morning when I wake up before all the day’s activity starts.

What about you? Are you a successful multi-tasker? Can you accomplish great things amongst a sea of distraction? Leave your comments below.

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