Posted by: Phil Anderson | March 15, 2015

Good Luck

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. I’m not Irish, but I enjoy Irish stories. Everyone knows about leprechauns, but that’s a small piece of the rich mythology of the Emerald Isle. There’s a lot of inspiring ideas, especially for a writer of fantasy.

One common theme is “the luck of the Irish.” Are Irish people really luckier than most? Or is it the result of a more optimistic point of view? Is luck even a real thing?

I posted some thoughts about this previously and thought today might be a good day to share them again. So here’s an update of my post from April 6, 2014:


Gladstone Gander, the luckiest duck in the world.

A few weeks ago I wrote about free will vs. predestination. Do we chose our own path, or is it already established? It depends on your perspective. But where does luck fit in? Does anything really happen by random chance, or is it fated to happen?

As a writer, I don’t believe in luck. When my characters experience a series of fortuitous events through no effort of their own, I know that it’s not luck. I planned it that way. It’s what the character or story needed. Of course I have to limit good fortune, to keep it under control; too much “luck” makes a story either miraculous or implausible.

In real life I also don’t believe in luck. God has sovereign control over the universe and everything that happens in it. The more improbable an event is, the clearer my view of the hand of God. But if nothing is random and everything is intentional, that implies there’s a purpose, right?

What is God’s purpose in any lucky coincidence? We may never know. Just because God has a purpose doesn’t mean he has to divulge it. It may have nothing to do with us, and God’s purpose may be for someone we’re not even acquainted with.

So when something lucky happens, some fortuitous circumstance or event, take a moment and consider the possibilities. You may never know the reason, but God’s doing something cool for someone somewhere.

What do you think? Is good luck a coincidence, a product of your own action or perspective, or a result of divine intervention? Leave your comments below.

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