Posted by: Phil Anderson | April 5, 2015

Happy Easter and Spring Break

Today has been a day full of Easter festivities and family togetherness. That, and a relapse of procrastination, means that I don’t have a full, regular-sized post this weekend. For that I apologize, but here’s what you can be looking forward to: 

Time spent at church today prompted some ideas about religion and what our beliefs, or lack of belief, and the fervency of our belief says about us. I plan to put those thoughts together into a future blog post or two. 

 Earlier this week I finished rewriting another entire chapter of my work-in-progress, which provides fodder for a post about the difficulty and necessity of throwing out perfectly good writing for something better. 

 And maybe someday I’ll get to that post on procrastination. 

 I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend. If there’s something you’d like to see me blog about, leave a comment and let me know.


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