Posted by: Phil Anderson | April 26, 2015

Pirate Mystery

I’m doing revisions on my fantasy novel, and I’ve been working on it for a few years. When I start to feel bogged down or I get stuck, I like to go back and read some of my earlier work, to encourage and remind myself that I really can write.

pirate journey cvr final.indd

This week I’m going to share an excerpt from my first novel, Pirate Journey, available on Amazon. Dave Adams is a teenager who finds an old pirate journal that transports him to the past.

If you like it leave a comment below, or better yet write a review on Amazon.

As he checked the lines for which he was responsible, Dave was surprised at how easily the work came to him. It was difficult and took a lot of strength, but somehow he instinctively knew what he was doing. He had no trouble climbing the riggings and when it came time to step out onto the footline, with nothing but the yard to balance him, he felt as comfortable as if he had been on the ground. When one of his crewmates told him to secure the clew, he knew to tie the lower corner of the sail more tightly to the crossyard. It was as if he had been doing this work all his life.

That night, the crew celebrated. Those who were not on watch were allowed a larger ration of rum. A few sailors brought out musical instruments and there was hoarse singing and clumsy dancing. They shouted, clapped their hands, and stomped their feet long into the night.

Dave leaned back against a coil of rope and watched the other sailors. They were a rough-looking bunch and he would have been afraid of them if he hadn’t been sure this was all a dream. Even Captain Adams was intimidating, but Dave felt a special connection with him. After all, he is my ancestor, Dave thought as he yawned and leaned back.

The next thing Dave knew, his alarm clock was ringing. He stumbled into the bathroom and glanced at the mirror. The pile of rope he had fallen asleep on last night had left an imprint on his cheek. He rubbed at it, then realized that rope from a dream shouldn’t leave a real mark on his face. He looked at it again. His pillowcase or bed sheet must have made it, but it looked remarkably like rope. By the time he left for school, the mark had faded.


  1. I’ve read this book already and this is one of my favorite parts. It’s when he first realizes that maybe his journeys are real!

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