Posted by: Phil Anderson | August 30, 2015

Taking Care of Busyness

This past month has been very busy. You may have noticed that my blog posts haven’t been as frequent as they should be.

A week ago my wife and I took two of our kids off to college, and now there are only two left at home. That’s half of my kids suddenly gone, a third of my household. We already miss them a lot; we had to rearrange the dining table to makes the gaps less obvious.

Somehow I had the idea that fewer people in my house would mean less busyness. There has to be some kind of benefit to offset the loss, right? But so far, looking ahead, the calendar is just as full as before, if not fuller.

Over the summer the two college students were fairly independent, doing their own thing without me, or taking part in family things we would be doing anyway. So their absence hasn’t changed my schedule much.

The two remaining are starting school soon, with all the accompanying sports and activities being added to the calendar daily. My involvement with the teenagers at church also continues, along with other responsibilities there. The busyness proceeds unabated.

So I continue to find bits and pieces of time for writing, or at least time for thinking about writing, planning backstories, and plotting world-building ideas. And I continue to search for blog ideas that will entertain, inform, and hopefully generate some traffic and some comments.

Are you busy too? What’s keeping you occupied? Leave a message and commiserate with me in the comment section below. Hopefully by next week I’ll have something more interesting to share.



  1. With school starting, even though two grandchildren are away, we continue to help others with transportation to and from school, working with church and seeing Drs. (This seems to happen more as we get older). My husband and I enjoy every opportunity we can get to help others, first our children and grandchildren then our “adopted” children and grandchildren. God is so good to give us strength and energy to do it all. He is our strength and salvation. God bless you Phil and keep on keeping on!

  2. […] last week’s post on how busy life can be, the last few days have been even busier. So it only makes sense to expand […]

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