Posted by: Phil Anderson | September 20, 2015

Be a Pirate

Yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a celebration of all things piratical in honor of the likes of Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, and Davy Jones. I’m amazed at how popular this “holiday” has become in recent years, spreading from port to port all around the world.

And it’s more than just talking like a pirate, saying “Arrr” and calling your pals “matey.” Our local Krispy Kreme had a crew of sea dogs lined up out the door, dressed in their finest seafaring togs and hoping for a dozen free donuts for their trouble.

pirate journey cvr final.indd

In honor of the festivities, I’m sharing another excerpt from my book, Pirate Journey, available from Amazon in both print and digital formats. Enjoy!

“Ship ahoy!” came the call from the crow’s nest. “She’s an Indiaman, Cap’n, layin’ low in the water an’ flyin’ the Dutch colors.”

Dave was standing on the poop deck next to Captain Adams. “Low in the water, eh?” muttered the captain. “Must be full o’ cargo. A generous prize ripe fer the pluckin’.” He laughed and nudged Dave with his elbow. Then he shouted, “Heave around to her, men, and hoist the black flag.”

The steersman spun the helm, turning the great ship toward a spot on the horizon. Sailors began hauling on lines everywhere, adjusting the sail to take advantage of every breeze. Soon, Dave could clearly see the slow-moving merchant ship ahead of them.

“Looks like she be trying ter run away, boys, but she’ll never outrun the Peregrine,” Captain Adams’s voice roared as his crew cheered. Dave looked out at the Dutch Indiaman as the captain shouted, “Now’s the time, lads. Ready the guns.”

The sailors cheered again. This was just the type of action they had been waiting for. Dave watched as they carried the heavy cannon balls across the deck. Others began to arm themselves with pistols and swords.

Finally the target was within range. “Bring us about,” shouted the captain. The helmsman turned the wheel and the Peregrine began to change course. Instead of being directly ahead of them, the merchant ship was now off their port side.

“Fire a broadside, men!” Suddenly the air thundered with the sound of thirty cannons being fired at once. Most of the shots splashed into the water, but Dave saw a few hit the Indiaman before acrid gunpowder smoke blocked his view.

The sailors hurriedly reloaded the cannons, but before they had a chance to fire again, a white flag was hoisted up the mainmast of the Dutch ship.

“Blasted cowards,” said the captain under his breath. Then he grinned at Dave. “It be easier this way, but not as much fun, says I.”


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