About Me

My name is Phil Anderson, and I like to write stories.

By day I work as an accountant, a decidedly uncreative job. (At least it should be–creative accounting is frowned upon by the IRS.) So in my free time I like to exercise my creativity. My wife is a professional editor, so that’s helpful. And we have four children: three teenage girls and a boy who does well at fulfilling his obligatory role as annoying little brother.

We also volunteer at our church, working with teenagers. Strangely, our daughters seem to be okay with this and for the most part aren’t embarrassed to have us hanging out with their friends. I enjoy it, because really I’m just a big teenager at heart.

Probably because of all this, when I write, my protagonists tend to be teenagers or young adults. This automatically categorizes my work as YA fiction, which I’m okay with. The only difference between YA and adult fiction is the amount of sex, strong language, and gory violence, and I prefer stories without those things anyway.

For the most part I write just for fun. That means that so far no publishers are interested in my stories. But I am very proud of a play I wrote twelve years ago called Nothing But the Truth which was published by Pioneer Drama Service. That was so exciting to see performed and I still get a little money from it every year. I’ve also written a novel called Pirate Journey that is available on Amazon and Kindle, and I’m working on lots of other stuff all the time.

In my blog I write mostly about the experience of writing. Things that influence and inspire me, thoughts about creativity and writing, and sometimes an excerpt from something I’ve written or am writing. I try to post once a week, and there’s a link to the right where you can sign up to be notified when there’s new content. I love feedback, so please leave comments or questions on any of my posts.

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